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Agent Check Configuration

In addition to configuring the 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks from the Dashboard (recommended), you can also Add, Edit and Delete Checks in the Windows Monitoring Agent.

This section covers the generic

  1. Log into the device
  2. Open the Agent (search for Advanced Monitoring Agent or go to Start > All Programs > Advanced Monitoring Agent)
  3. Enter the password
  4. OK to login
  5. Pre-Agent 9.8.3: the password of the user who installed the Agent (normally the Agent Key) is required to access the Agent.

    Agent 9.8.3 and later: the Agent validates the entered staff account credentials with the Dashboard. If the device does not have internet access, the password of the user who installed the Agent may be used to login

  6. Select Settings
  7. Go to the 24x7 Checks or Daily Safety Check sections
  8. Configure Checks
  9. Navigate to the required Check
  10. Choose an action: Add, Edit or Delete
  11. OK out of the Agent once complete to save changes.

The Test Check option when adding or editing a Check can be used to quickly verify the settings and return the results locally. The check processor used for this task depends on the installed version of the Agent.

Pre-Windows Monitoring Agent v10: utilizes the same check processor for Test Check and for the scheduled Check run

From Windows Monitoring Agent v10: utilizes an improved Check processor to run the scheduled Check. Uses the legacy Check processor when running Test Check to verify the Check settings.

Please be aware that the use of different Check processors in Windows Monitoring Agent v10 may potentially lead to different results when running the Scheduled and Test Check tasks.

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