The specified service has been marked for deletion

Occasionally when a program is uninstalled the associated service is not removed but marked for deletion requiring a reboot to complete the process. This can occur where another process has an open handle to the service, for example the services console was open at the time of removal.

To delete the service without rebooting the machine the sc delete command may be used which deletes the service's entry from the registry.

sc delete [service name]

For example:

sc delete "Advanced Monitoring Agent"

sc delete Advanced Monitoring Agent

Further information on the sc delete command may be found in the following Microsoft Technet article:

Unfortunately the sc delete command is not available for Windows 2000 but there is a utility available from Microsoft, delsrv.exe, that can be used to unregister a service with the Services Control Manager:

delsrv [service_name]

For example:

delsrv "Advanced Monitoring Agent"

delsrv Advanced Monitoring Agent

If delsrv is not installed on your server, it can be downloaded from Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools for administrative tasks

After executing the deletion command please open the services console (Start/Run/services.msc) to confirm the service has been removed.

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