Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Add an Automated Task - Multiple Devices

Automated Tasks are added in bulk on selected devices or at the Client or Site level.

Device Context Menu

  1. Multi-select the target devices in the north pane (use Shift and left-click to choose a range of devices or Control and left-click for specific machines)
  2. Right-click on one of the selection (or Servers or Workstations drop-down)
  3. Select Tasks from the context menu
  4. Add

Client or Site

  1. Right-click on the target Client or Site under Monitoring and Management menu
  2. Select Tasks from the context menu
  3. Add

Select and Configure Task

Regardless of the selection method, the next stage is to select and configure the Task

  1. Select the script
    • Scripts are displayed and grouped by function and type (System and User Defined*) in expandable and contractible sections with the ability to search for a script)
    • Only scripts associated with the device's Operating System and uploaded for Automated Tasks are displayed
  2. Click Next to configure the Task
    1. Enter or configure the script parameters (if required)
    2. Set a Script timeout in the range 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)
  3. Device Type Selection (Client or Site): When adding an Automated Task at the Client or Site level the next step is to select the device type to apply to:
    • Select which device type you want to add the task
    1. Servers
    2. Workstations
  4. Click Next to set the frequency
  5. Select Frequency Method
    1. Once per Day
      1. Choose Run on days (select one day to run weekly)
      2. At Time
    2. Once per Month
      1. Choose Day of Month on which toRun
      2. At Time
    3. On Check Failure
      1. Choose When Check Fails Check from the drop-down
      2. Select the check identified from the drop-down
    4. Manual (Run Task as required from the Dashboard)
  6. Click Next to set frequency options
    1. Run Task for a limited period (for Once per day and Once per Month)
      1. Enter Start Date and Start Time
      2. Enter End Date and End Time
    2. Set Maximum Execution Time (all frequencies) prevents the Task overrunning
      1. Enter the maximum Days, Hours and Minutes run time before the Task is canceled
    3. If missed run ASAP (for Once per day and Once per Month) the Task runs at the first available opportunity.
  7. Click Next to Add Task Device Confirmation
    1. Confirm which devices you want to apply the Edit Task Update to
  8. Apply Add to save and apply

Automated Tasks run based on the local time of the computer the Agent is installed on.

Script argument handling from Windows Monitoring Agent 9.13.6 (Windows)

Windows Monitoring Agent v9.13.6 introduced improvements to the handling of the script arguments entered in the Script Parameters, Command Line field of the custom Automated Task dialog. From Agent 9.13.6 any specified arguments are passed to the script exactly as they would be if entered directly on the device itself.

Workstation Site Automated Tasks were deprecated from Dashboard 6.4 and where a workstation was previously Site Managed, these Tasks became stand-alone.

Device Selection Task Menu and Client and Site Task Menu

task_edit_north task_edit_client_site

Select Automated Task and Client or Site Add: choose Device type

at_new_select at_bulk_srvr_wkstn

Multiple Devices Add: Select and Confirm