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Add a Check

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To add a Check to a computer from the Dashboard.


1.Select the device in the north pane of the Dashboard
2.Go to the Checks tab
3.Add Check
4.Choose the check frequency
a)Add 247
b)DSC Check
5.Select the Check. Only those Check available for the selected device are selectable, where a Check is unavailable it is greyed out.
6.Setup the Check as required
7.Click Alert Settings to configure Alerting behaviour (optional)
8.OK to save and apply



Checks appear in the south Checks panel of the Dashboard, with any newly added Check indicated with a plus icon and reported as Awaiting synchronisation. This changes to Awaiting first run once the check configuration has downloaded to the Agent. After the check runs, the results are uploaded to the Dashboard.







Please note

Any alterations made in the Windows Agent take precedence to modifications applied from the Dashboard. Where changes to checks are performed on both the Dashboard and Agent simultaneously the updated Agent configuration is used.