We have provided a range of monitoring checks to monitor the most common third party products, indicators and counters to determine the status of your network, servers, workstations and applications. We have also provided Automated Tasks for the most common preventative maintenance activities. However, we realize that on occasion there may be other products or indicates that you wish to monitor or other maintenance activities you wish to schedule. Therefore, to enable you to do this, we have released the Event Log Check, the SNMP Checks and now the Script Check and Automated Tasks.

The Script Check allows you to upload, deploy and run your own scripts as a 24x7 or Daily Safety Check. User defined script allow you to upload, deploy and run your own scripts as an Automated Task to a specific schedule (daily, weekly or monthly) or when a check fails.

For a list of available Scripts please refer to the section Default Script Checks and System Automated Tasks


To prevent the removal of the leading 0 in arguments, from Agent 9.5.4 any part of the command that begins with 0 is wrapped in \ so the full argument is preserved when executed or processed.

Windows Agent 10.3.0 RC

Agent 10.3.0 RC incorporates a new scripting module which requires at least .NET Framework 4.5 to run. Rather than prompt the user to install or update the .NET framework on their Device, during the Agent installation or update process the Device is queried and where the installed version of .NET is less than 4.5, or is not installed on the Device, this component is silently updated to the required version. Please be aware that this process may take several minutes to complete.

Improved Script argument handling (Windows)

Please be aware that Windows Monitoring Agents 9.12.2 and 9.13.6 introduced improvements to the handling of the script arguments entered in the Script Parameters, Command Line field of the custom Script Check (9.12.2) and Automated Task (Agent 9.13.6). With these improvements any specified arguments are passed to the script exactly as they would be if entered directly on the device itself.


Although we have provided the mechanism to run your own scripts on your servers and workstations. We are not responsible for custom scripts made or used in conjunction with this product. We are not liable for loss incurred from system, hardware or data loss. It is the customer/script developer's responsibility to verify the integrity, actions and impact of any custom scripts.