Active Directory Users

It is possible to retrieves a list of users from Active Directory highlighting those who have been recently added, modified or deleted. This is information is available in CSV or HTML formats in addition to the option to extract the data via an List Active Directory Users API call.

  1. Expand the target Client and Site in the left pane
  2. Right-click on the required Site (or from Edit menu
  3. Click Edit Site
  4. Go to the Active Directory tab
  5. Select the Primary Domain controller from Domain Controller (Server)
  6. Click Edit Fields and select the Active Directory information to include in the Report for each discovered user
  7. Multi-select the required Available Fields and use the add button >. Use the Filter box to limit the returned results
  8. To assist in finding the necessary fields, text may be entered in the Filter box. Remove Selected Fields through multi-selection and the remove button <. or Clear All and Reset to Default

Once configured an Active Directory Users Query Automated Task is added which runs daily at midnight uploading the user account details to the Dashboard.

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To access the Active Directory Users Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click Active Directory Users Report
  3. Select the Client and Site
  4. Click Generate to view an HTML Report in a browser or click CSV Export to download a text version

Once the HTML Report is created use the Columns drop-down to select the information to display to provide a more targeted report


There is an Active Directory Users Automated Task - as well as the option to deploy this Task through App Control to synchronize the selected Services with Active Directory - with this used to query the specified servers and upload the results to the Dashboard with this information also returned in the Active Directory Users Report