For the Acronis Backup Check we query the native XML log files written to the ProgramData folder for the product on the local device.

We check any XML log files written to in the previous 24 hours for those relating to a backup job and parse the completion status.








Success with Exceptions


Canceled - treated as a failure.

We feel that it is prudent to alert to any failure events recorded in the backup, even where a success event is discovered, as this error may be an indication of a larger problem with the backup or the device.

From Agent 8.9.3 if Acronis Backup and Recovery is configured to retry failed backups and backup is ultimately successful, ignore previous failures.

Acronis version v11.0.17437 and later

From Agent 8.14 onwards the Backup Check for Acronis uses their command line tool to retrieve the backup status for the latest versions of Acronis on the local device.

To utilize this tool a command is passed from the Agent the first time the Check runs to begin the collation of the backup activity GUID information from the existing backup jobs, which is then used for subsequent Backup Checks.

Please note once enabled it may take a number of hours before the backup data is available.

During the initial run the Check will fail to retrieve the backup status, as the data is still in the process of compilation.

As this is expected behavior for the Check rather than record this as a failure, generating an Alert, it will be reported on the Dashboard as a soft failure (yellow tick) with the message:

Acronis Backup Check initialized. Waiting for new activities.

The Check will remain in this state until the next time it runs and the backup activity status retrieved.

Backup In Progress

Please note the backup status cannot be determined where a backup is in progress on the device when the Check runs.

In these circumstances the Check is recorded as a soft failure (yellow tick) on the Dashboard with the message:

One or more backups in progress. Cannot determine backup status

In line with best practice we suggest configuring the Daily Safety Checks to run after the backup has completed.


When the Backup Check runs during the Agent installation it will automatically enable the Acronis command line tool.

For existing installations, or where the Check has just been added, it is possible to achieve the required first run of the Backup Check before its scheduled time.

This can be achieved from Test Check within the Backup Check section of the Agent itself or when running the Daily Safety Checks initiated either in the Agent or from the Dashboard (Server or Workstation drop-down, Rerun DSC).

Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.0 Server for Windows (revisions between 17311 and 17436 inclusive are not supported)