Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Account Settings

Configure your Account Settings, available under the settings cog cogsworth, to precisely match your requirements.

From here you can update your personal details, create MSP Manager only roles and access groups, configure the notification behavior, design your customer facing portal as well as setup billing components.

The following table provides an indication of the configuration elements contained in each Account Settings section.

Additional information is included for the My Account, customer Portal and User Management sections

Please note when logged in as a Standard user only the Personal Settings section is available.

For a more detailed overview on MSP Manager and its configuration, please refer to the dedicated MSP Manager help system

Account Settings

Personal Settings

My Account

Change your First and Last display names. Enter your Mobile Phone number

Company Settings

Default Settings

Set your Time Zone, Culture (including Currency), Tax Rate %, Time Entry Rounding and Company Business Hours

Ticket Mailboxes

Connect MSP Manager to an IMAP enabled mailbox


Configure Ticket, Knowledge and Service Item notification handling


Design your MSP Manager Client portal: Create your * address, add your Company Display Name and Logo then choose the Primary and Accent colors


Setup your MSP Manager integration with the following Accounting packages: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero


View your MSP Manager account details: Account Type, Account Status, User Count, Estimated Monthly Bill

User Management


View and edit Dashboard users: Enable MSP Manager access, change their User Information, role and customer assignment


Create and manage MSP Manager user roles

Access Groups

Synchronize the Monitoring Dashboard Client Groups with MSP Manager. Create new MSP Manager only Access Groups


Program Levels

View and manage current Program Levels or Add New Program Level

Service Plans

View and manage current Service Plans. Assign Service Plans to multiple customers or Add New Service Plan

Rate Templates

View and manage current Rates or Add A New Rate Template



Configure the internal and external email notification handling for Ticket, System, SLA, Service Item, Knowledge and Appointments.


SLA Policies

View and manage current SLA Policies or Add A New SLA Policy

Ticket Routing

Ticket Issue Types

View and manage Ticket Issue Types or Add A New Issue Type

User Skills

Filter users and configure their (Ticket) Issue Type areas of expertise (0-5)

Team Configuration

View and manage current Team Configuration or Add A New Team


View and manage Queues or Add New Queue

Ticket Routing Rules

Configure ticket behavior throughout its lifecycle. Including automatic ticket assignment and ticket handling when an outage is closed or cleared (based on ticket state).

Knowledge Team

Asset Classes

View and manage current Asset Classes or Add A New Asset Class

Asset Status

View and manage current Asset Statuses or Add A New Asset Status