Add an EDR Policy

An EDRPolicy is a set configuration that can be applied to all Device types (Servers or Workstations), Clients, Sites or individual devices. When you enable EDR, the configuration within the EDR Policy is the baseline settings across the device selection. This saves time and ensures consistency when deploying to mulitple devices.


  1. Select Integrations from the left hand navigator in RMM
  2. Click Endpoint Detection & Response to expand (and collapse) the available views
  3. Select Policies to open the Endpoint Detection & Response Policies dialog
  4. Click the +Add policy button to open the Add policy dialog
  5. Enter a Name for the EDR Policy, and enter a Description to aid identification of the EDR Policy later
  6. Click Save to continue to the Edit policy dialog
  7. The EDR Policy is created from the Default Group Policy and so all settings are initially unavailable. Click Change Policy in the information bar beneath the section headers to enable the option settings
  8. Configure the policy as required - for each section;
  9. Complete the options by clicking the categories along the top of the screen. The profile is saved and updated automatically.

For information on the setting options, see the EDR Online Help.

The new EDR Profile appears in the profiles list, use this or another profile when installing on a single device or on multiple devices.