User permissions for Endpoint Detection and Response

You can set the permissions for administrator interaction with EDR. Permissions in RMM are a method of controlling access to customers and devices based on the roles of the user. The access is the permission the user has to perform work.

Setting the permissions enables the administrator to install EDR on a device and review the EDR status and reports.

  1. Click SettingsUsersRoles and Permissions
  2. Select an existing role or select +Add Role
  3. In the Integrations > Endpoint Detection & Response section in the right-hand pane, select the radio button to allow or deny for each of the following as needed by the user role:
  4. Integration Permissions Description
    View view integration settings
    Manage manage integration settings
    Endpoint & Detection Permissions Description
    View view the Endpoint Detection & Response integration
    Manage manage Endpoint Detection & Response integration
    Policies add, edit and delete Endpoint Detection & Response policies
    Settings apply Endpoint Detection & Response policies

  5. Configure any other permissions and click Save to apply

Assign the role to a user who will perform EDR management activities.

For more information on user permissions and assigning roles, see Roles and Permissions.