Adjust the Client Daily Report

Client Daily Report, as the name implies, is a daily report containing the results of the Daily Safety Checks sent to your clients directly - from you, not us - to say that we've checked the following systems this morning and here are the results! Information on setting up the Report email is available in Daily Report Email Templates

The Reports themselves will not create Alerts, but where the information they contain is not up to date this they may lead to customers contacting the support team to query the results, and in turn raising support tickets.

Perhaps the main issue associated with Client Daily Reports is where they are configured to run before the day's Daily Safety Check, so rather than the Report containing that day's results instead it will display a Today's data not received, Last Daily Safety Check:[last run date and time] type message.

A related issue can occur where the Dashboard contains customers from multiple timezones as the Client Daily Report is sent based on the time configured for the Dashboard, whereas the Daily Safety Checks will run based on the local time of the device.

To help alleviate these types of issue changes can be made either to the Client Daily Report generation time or the run at time of the Daily Safety Checks and if it is a timezone related issue this may be amended in the Edit Client dialog.

Client Daily Report

Rather than change the run time of the Daily Safety Check, it may be easier to simply change the Client Daily Report generation time until after the Daily Safety Checks have completed.


Client Daily Reports are configured in the Dashboard via

  1. Settings
  2. Client Reports
  3. Select the type of device the Reports are to be configured for in Server Client Report Settings or Workstation Client Report Settings
  4. From the resultant dialog the Send at time and Send on days can be configured.

More detailed information on setting up the Client Daily Report is available in the section: Daily Report - Email Configuration

Another option is to change the Problem Handling behavior, perhaps to exclude the Client (Send to alternative e-mail below) or even Send nothing where problems are detected.


Daily Safety Check and Client Timezone

On the Daily Safety Check side these issues may be alleviated either by changing the Daily Safety Check run at time, as discussed in 3.  Schedule The Daily Safety Check To Run After The Backup And Anti-Virus Have Completed, to before the Client Daily Report runs or change the timezone of the Client on the Dashboard to more accurately reflect when the Daily Safety Check runs.


The Dashboard contains two timezone configuration options, one at the account level (accessed through Settings, General Settings, Office Hours, Office Availability) and applied to all Clients; and the other per-Client (highlight the Client in the left Monitoring and Maintenance menu, select Edit - or right-click on the Client - Edit Client, General Settings). In either case select the relevant region from the Timezone drop-down and OK to exit.