Reset User's Two-Factor Authentication

In situations where a 2FA enabled user no longer has access to their authenticator and has lost their Recovery Code, they cannot generate the required security code or manually reset their 2FA authentication to log into the Dashboard.

To manage this scenario, we have included the option to Reset 2FA for 2FA enabled users.

Only 2FA enabled Superuser logins (with the Users, Security role) or Agent Keys can access the Reset 2FA option in the Dashboard’s Users dialog. For information on role configuration visit Roles and Permissions.

2FA Reset Process

  1. Log in to the Dashboard as a 2FA enabled Superuser or Agent Key user.
  2. Go to Settings > Users > User Accounts
  3. Right-click on the target 2FA enabled user in the dialog to open the user action menu. This menu is also available from the User drop-down.
  4. Select Two Factor Authentication > Reset 2FA
  5. After reading the “Reset Two Factor Authentication” dialog message, click Reset 2FA to continue or choose to Cancel
  6. Where Reset 2FA was selected, the reset action is indicated in the 2FA column by a refresh icon and red triangle.
  7. Click Save to apply or Cancel to ignore changes and exit the dialog.

The User Account dialog only supports resetting one user’s 2FA at a time. Where multiple users require 2FA resets, you must action each reset individually. Reset the first 2FA user and Save to apply then follow the steps 2 to 7 to reset 2FA for each subsequent user.

After 2FA is reset for a user, the next time they enter their login credentials they are prompted to go through the 2FA setup process, as outlined in Two-Factor Authentication Activation Process, before they can gain access to the Dashboard.

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