Reset Two-Factor Authentication

Where access to the device or authenticator is lost or changed for another authenticator (and the association broken), the user can reset their 2FA credentials without additional assistance by clicking on the Reset your two-factor authentication? link in the login Two-Factor Authentication dialog. This prompts them to enter the recovery code - generated as part of the 2FA activation process then Submit.

If the recovery code is accepted the user will be prompted to go through the activation process to create a new 2FA code.

Where the recovery code is not accepted the user can Click here to try again or contact an account with Dashboard Users permission access for assistance.

If the user has lost the Recovery code and access to the authenticator device, they can no longer access the Dashboard. In these circumstances it may be necessary to remove then re-add the user. As such we would suggest the user makes multiple copies of this code and stores them in secure locations.

2fa2_security code 2fa2_recovery_code_enter 2fa2_recovery_code