Reset Two-Factor Authentication using Recovery Code

When the user no longer has access to the device running the authenticator application or the authenticator was changed and the association broken, the user can use the Recovery Code created when activating 2FA to reset their own 2FA credentials without additional assistance.

  1. The user populates their Dashboard credentials to log in.
  2. At the Two-Factor Authentication dialog they select Reset your two-factor authentication?.
  3. The user then enters their Recovery Code in the 2FA Recovery dialog and clicks Disable 2FA.
  4. If the Recovery Code is accepted the user will be prompted to choose Two-Factor Setup and create a new 2FA code or Continue to product. Where the entered Recovery Code is invalid the user can re-enter the code or contact an account with Dashboard Users permission access for assistance.

If the user has lost the Recovery Code and access to the authenticator device, they can no longer access the Dashboard. In these circumstances you can Reset User's Two-Factor Authentication in the Users dialog.


2fa2_security code 2fa2_recovery_code_enter

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