Steps 2 & 3 - Associate the authenticator with the Dashboard

As part of the activation process, each user is present with a unique QR code and secret key which is used to associate the authenticator with the Dashboard.

  1. Open the authenticator.
  2. Add a new account for the Dashboard
  3. Either enter the secret key manually or scan the displayed QR code

Once successfully associated a 6-digit code is generated with this entered in the Step 3 - Confirm Setup to validate.


One User, Multiple Devices

Users with more than one device running an authenticator (for example on a phone and tablet or 'phone and computer) can use each device to generate the Dashboard security code.

To achieve this, the user scans the QR code or inputs the secret key on each device before entering the security code to complete the association process.

Any subsequent changes to 2FA for the user, for example where 2FA is reset, will affect all of these security code devices and as such they must be re-associated with the Dashboard.

Example of setting up a mobile authenticator app: Google Authenticator

After installation open the app and click Begin Setup, if already setup from the configuration drop down Set up account or click the add (+) button

In the Add an account screen choose to Scan a barcode or Enter key provided. When scanning the barcode the required information is automatically populated in the app, whilst entering the key prompts for a descriptive name (for identification purposes) and the activation secret key itself. When manually entering the key please ensure Time-based is selected.

Regardless of the method used to associate the app, once complete a success message along with the account name, username this account is associated with, security code and the code countdown timer is displayed. Enter this code in Step 2 of the activation process to complete.