Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Configure the number of missed cycles before a Data Overdue Alert is generated

A Data Overdue Alert can be sent where we have not received data from a server within the expected period (by default 1.5 Agent cycles). In the majority of cases this threshold is sufficient and if a devices has not reported in within this period it is indicative of a problem, either with the device itself or its internet connection.

However, there may be devices that have a history of communication problems or stability issues and to reduce the number of Alerts generated by these devices it is possible to set the Overdue alert settings to increase this threshold figure.

This configuration is available on a server-by-server basis and is setup in the General Settings for the device.

Dashboard (Windows and Linux)

  1. Right-click on the device in the north pane of the Dashboard (or from the Server drop-down)
  2. Edit Server
  3. General Settings
  4. In Offline and overdue alert settings
  5. Select the required time period from Use the drop down box to indicate how quickly you would like to be alerted (1 to 5 cycles) or Send an overdue alert if the server has not reported in after n minute(s) (1 to 360)
  6. To send an SMS alert when the Server goes overdue, enable Also send SMS alert when data overdue
  7. OK to save and apply

Windows Agent from 10.4.2

The enhanced overdue reporting available from Agent 10.4.2 utilizes the technology incorporated in our faster monitoring improvements and please ensure all Agent URLs are reachable from the device to take advantage of this feature.

Please be aware that there may be some processing and verification before the Alert is sent which can vary depending on the type of issues, server or network, and typically it will take between 10 to 30 seconds before the Alert is dispatched.

To take account of the new options when a device is upgraded to Agent 10.4.2, we will automatically update the device to use the new Alert settings based on the closest matching new value, indicated in the below conversion table:

24x7 Check Cycle

Old Values

New Values

5 minute monitoring











15 minute monitoring












The server's overdue status is based on 24x7 Check uploads. Where the server is not running 24x7 Checks, it will not report as overdue.

Additional options are available in the Agent that may help reduce the generation of Data Overdue Alerts: If device is shutdown automatically go Offline and Change the Connection Retries policy