Passportal Help

Site - User Management

Manually Create Site Users

Ensure that the Site Administrator has set up the Organization Key as per the "Create Site Administrator" section above before proceeding

If the user is created by the MSP, they will need to have been provided with the Organization Key in advance or they will not be permitted to complete the activation. If the User is created by the Site Administrator who has logged in with the Organization Key, the Organization Key will be embedded in the activation link but should still be provided as a precaution or if cookies have been blocked.

Once your Administrator has set up the Organization Key, you or the Site Administrator can create Site Users.

  1. Navigate to User Management > Site Users
  2. Click the New user button
  3. You will need to complete their information, including which client they will need access to and setting their permission level, which can be previewed in this view
  4. The user will then complete the activation link similar to the administrators email above.

Importing Site Users from the MSP/Pro-User Perspective:

Ensure that the Site Administrator has setup the Organization Key as per the "Create Site Administrator" section above before proceeding

If the user was created by the MSP, they will need to have been provided with the Organization Key in advance of this action or they will not be permitted to complete the activation link that will be sent as a result of a successful import.

Once your Administrator has setup the Organization Key, the MSP can import Site Users on behalf of the client:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Import/Export > Import Site Users
  2. This page will contain it's own import templates which can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink located in the middle of the page:
  3. Once you've completed the template, drag into the area specified. You will have an opportunity to confirm the import and once you've confirmed it, the users will then recieve an activation email and appear under User Management > Site Users

Manage Site Users

Once Site Users have been added, they will be visible under User Management > Site Users

  1. Ensure that you have the correct client selected at the top of the screen
  2. Note the "Status" column for your users:
    1. Active
      1. The user has setup their account and succesfully logged in
      2. You may share credentials from the Client Vault at this time
    2. Pending Setup:
      1. This user has not accepted responsibility for their account.
      2. The User Perspective feature will not be useful for any user with this status

If the First/Initial Administrator states "Pending Setup":

The site doesn't yet exist, as they have not yet set the Organization Key.

You will not be able to share Passwords

It is not advisable to create any users, as they will be asked to enter a Organization Key that doesn't exist, in order to create their accounts. This will lead to confusion and drive support calls to your technicians.

User Actions

Once you have created users, you have the following options available to you under the "Actions" Menu for each user:

Edit User

  • Edit the details of each user or reset the user.

User Perspective

  • See Passportal from the User's perspective
  • You cannot edit or view passwords from this perspective
  • You cannot enter a users "My Vault" from this view
  • You can assist an Administrator in creating Security Groups and Folders, as well as validate such access for any active users

Disable User

Opens the "Disable User Workflow" to action any passwords known by the users.

Reset Site User/Resend Activation Email

  1. Once you have created users, if you need to resend a Site User the Activation Email or reset their credentials, select "Edit User" under the "Actions" menu:
  2. Once you have opened the "Edit User" panel, simply press the "Reset User" button and this will re-initiate the "Activate User" workflow and send an email to the user.
    1. If the user is not receiving the email, edit the email address and save the "Edit User" menu prior to resetting
    2. Once the email is correct, select the "Reset User" button

Site User Password Access

Site Users are granted access to all credentials in root level of their Company Vault, and any unassigned folders. If you would like to limit access to Passwords for Site Users, you can put such credentials in a folder with a Security Group assigned that specifies the users that should see the contents of the folder.

Site Users do not have access to any credentials in the MSP's Client Vault unless these passwords are shared with the Client Site (see "Sharing" below)

To Create a Security Group:

  1. Navigate to Access Control > Security Groups
  2. Select "New Security Group"
  3. Name the group
  4. Beside "Assigned Users", select "Edit"
  5. In the "Assigned Users" screen, using the arrows on the "Available" and "Assigned" sections, move the users you want to have in this security group:

To Create a Folder with Privileged Access:

  1. Navigate to the Company Vault when logged in as the Site Administrator
  2. Select "New Folder"
  3. Select the Folder name and edit:
  4. Underneath the Assigned Groups text, select "Edit":
  5. Using the filters and arrows, slide over all security groups that you would want to have access to this folder, and select "Assign":
  6. Save your folder information
  7. You may now move passwords into the folder and only members of the security group assigned will see its contents