Passportal Help

Enabling a Client for Site

In order to collaborate with a client organization within Passportal, you will want to Enable Client Login for that client and then create at least one Client User.

To Enable Site Login, follow these steps:

  1. On the Edit screen for the relevant client, change the " Client and Site Login" slider to enabled.
  2. "Force Organization Credential Types" - Forces the client to use the credentials list from the organization.
  3. A new sub-section under Users will appear, called "Site Users". Click Here to learn more
  4. In this subsection you can start adding users for individuals at your client's organization to gain access to the system.
  5. An Administrator is needed to properly activate the client portal, so one of the added users will need this permission level.
  6. This user will receive an email to go through the activation process, similar to any user of your organization, during which they will select their own Organization Key for the client organization.
  7. You do not need to share your organization Key with your clients, and they do not have to share their Organization Key with you. If do you require their Organization Key, they should be aware that you could have access to their passwords at anytime.