Changing User Preferences

Passportal website Session Timeout duration is set by Passportal Admin and not individual users. This is to ensure the security setting is consistent across all users. Please check with the Passportal Admin for the duration that they have set. The Session Timeout duration setting is detailed in: Advanced Options

To edit your User Preferences:

  1. Click the User Profile dropdown menu.
  2. Click User Preferences.

The User Preferences - List Behaviours screen is displayed.

Keep Folder Open

Toggling on Keep Folder Open will display all folders in the client view as open and sub folders will be visible by default.


Save Table State

Toggling on Save Table State will result in the Show X entries selection to be retained. When you now set the number of entries to be shown in any of the Client Overview Dashboard Information Panels, it will now default to this number each time you view it.