Passportal Help

Settings - Branding

Passportal's branding feature allows you to customize the visual look of the page. You can replace the Passportal logo in the top left corner with your own company logo, and change the color scheme of the website. In addition to allowing organizations to tailor the site to their tastes, this branding will also affect white label resold users accessing Passportal. If you resell Passportal to your clients, they will see your companies design choices when they access their passwords.

To set or modify your organization's branding settings, navigate to the branding link under the settings section on the sidebar.

On the branding page, you can change the logo by dragging a new logo into the drag and drop box at the top of the page. A 200x50 transparent PNG is recommended.

You can change the colors for the various element types in Passportal. To change the color for an element, select the elements input box then choose the color from the color picker that appears.

When finished, click Save.