Passportal Help

Settings - Advanced Options

The advanced options tab allows you to set a number of useful organization wide settings.

Select Settings link on the sidebar, click general and then select the "Advanced Options" tab.

On the advanced options page you can change the following settings

  • Session Timeout Settings:
    • Session Timeout - The default duration before a Passportal session expires.
    • Trusted Session Timeout - the duration before a Passportal session expires when on a machine using a trusted ip address (More information on trusted IP address can be found here). This setting will override the regular session timeout setting for applicable machines.
  • Password Change Frequency - Determines the default rotation policy for passwords with a rotation policy enabled. This can be overridden at the client level.
  • Lockout Settings:
    • Login attempts before lockout - The number of times a user can attempt to log in to the organization using the wrong password or Organization Key before that user is locked out.
    • Account Lockout Duration - The duration in which a user cannot access their account after being locked out for too many failed login attempts.
  • A locked out user can be unlocked by an organization administrator, overriding this lockout duration.

  • Default Temporary Access Duration - Controls the duration of temporary access when granted to a user requesting access to a client, folder or password.
  • Show Only Custom Credential Types - Toggling this to "Yes" clears all default credential types from the credential type list, leaving only custom created credential types.
  • Hide Unassigned Clients and Folders from Users - When toggled to "Yes" this option will prevent users from being able to see clients and folders that they don't have explicit access to either directly or through security groups.
  • Leading Column on Password List - When toggled to "Credential Type" it will display the credentials first, when "Description" is toggled it will display the description first on the passwords list.
  • Password Generation Rules - Here you can control how the passwords are to be generated.