Passportal Help

SolarWinds RMM Integration Features

For details on how to set up the MSP RMM Integration, see SolarWinds RMM Integration Configuration. You need to have Documentation Manager enabled in order to integrate with SolarWinds RMM. Please contact your Partner Development Manager if you are interested in enabling this feature.

Now that you have finished configuring the MSP RMM Integration in Passportal, you are able to begin using your newly imported data. This document will walk through a few of the new features available with your assets as part of the MSP RMM integration.

Accessing Synchronized Assets

  1. You can view any synchronized assets from SolarWinds RMM by navigating to any client you have chosen to sync and simply selecting Assets.
  2. Selecting any of the assets will present you with a screen providing information on several pieces of Asset Information such as Name, IP address, Type, Last logged User, Domain, User Defined Fields, and many others.

MSP RMM Features Available in Assets

Launching Remote Sessions

You can launch remote MSP RMM sessions from within Passportal by selecting the Remote sessions Icon .

This will allow you to launch a Remote session using

  • RDP
  • Teamviewer
  • Take Control

Access Additional Asset Information

You can get additional audit information from within Passportal by selecting the Audit Devices icon .

This will allow you to gather additional asset information without needing to log in to SolarWinds RMM.

Asset Software Inventory

You can view information on what software is installed on this asset from within Passportal by selecting the Software On Device Icon .

Asset Revisions

You can view and revert to older revisions of an asset from within Passportal by selecting the Icon .