Passportal Help

ConnectWise® Control™ Integration Configuration


  • Passportal Account
  • ConnectWise® Control™ (v6.1 or higher)

Cloud Versions of Control™ may require an additional installation step to initialize the Clipboard functionality correctly.

If you are experiencing problems with the clipboard, see ConnectWise® Control™ - Enabling Clipboard Functionality (Cloud Version).

Installing the Extension

  1. Navigate to the Extensions panel within ConnectWise® Control™
  2. Go to the administration panel within Control and select "Browse Online Extension" from the extensions section.

  3. Install the extension
  4. Scroll through the list of available extensions until you find the "Passportal" integration. Click on it and then select "install". Once installed you can close out of the extension browser.

  5. Navigate to the Passportal Integration
  6. Launch or join a session in ConnectWise® Control™. The integration should now show up on your helper menu if you have the Passportal tab selected at the bottom.

  7. Access your Passportal account
  8. Enter your Passportal credentials and select the data center your organization is located on. This will take you to the passwords your account has access to.