Creating the Autotask Integration User Account

As this section details a 3rd party product (Datto - Autotask) which we do not control, the information here may be rendered incorrect due to updates to the 3rd party product of which we are unaware. If you experience issues with this process or product, we advise a support case is raised with Datto - Autotask

In order to connect your Passportal account to your Datto Autotask PSA instance, you are required to use an API User (system) account created in Autotask.

  1. On the General tab, ensure the First Name, Second Name and Email Address are populated .
  2. On the Security tab, ensure that:
    • the Credentials section is populated
    • In the Security & Permission section, select API User (system) from the Security level dropdown
  3. In the API Tracking Identifier section, click the radio button for Integrartion Vendor - you will receive a pop-up message. Agree to the pop-up.
  4. Select Passportal - Ocular from the Integration Vendor dropdown.
  5. Save and Close to confirm the user setup and close the window. The username and password created here can now be used in the Passportal integration setup.