Passportal Help

ConnectWise® Manage™ Integration Configuration

When the ConnectWise Manage Integration has been configured you will be able to sync the following items:

  • Clients
  • Users
  • Assets
  • Contacts
  • Locations

Our ConnectWise integration requires an API key for ConnectWise. The following instructions will help you create an API user and the API key for use in setting up the Connectwise integration.

SSL and On-premise versions

Before beginning, If you are using an on-premise version of ConnectWise Manage, you may need to ensure SSL is correctly configured prior to attempting the integration

Version 2018.1 or higher - No SSL configuration required. All SSL configurations are built into this version to accommodate the security of the integration.

Earlier than 2018 - Please review the following KB article from Connectwise ( to ensure your SSL configuration is ready for use before proceeding with integration. All traffic to Passportal is over SSL and the integration will fail if it is not configured correctly.

ConnectWise API Key Generation

Private Key - You can only access the private key at the time of creation. Please make sure you store the key in a safe place.

  1. Open the Windows-native ConnectWise Internet Client and login.
  2. Login to your ConnectWise account.
  3. Under System click on Members.
  4. Select API Members.
  5. Click the+(plus sign) to add a new API Member.
  6. Add the Member ID, First Name, and Last Name, We recommend naming this along the lines of your custom branding.
  7. Ensure that the Role ID is set to admin.
  8. Once you have completed all of the required fields, click Save.
  9. Once saved, go back into the user. Click on the API Keys tab.
  10. Click the+(plus sign) to add a new API Key.
  11. Provide a Description for the API Key then click Save. After saving, a Public Key and Private Key will be displayed. You are only able to access the private key at the time of creation so remember to store the key somewhere safe.
  12. Once these Keys have been created enter them into Passportal's PSA integration Center.
  13. Once Authenticated, You will be able to select the fields you want to sync with.
  14. Once your record types have been selected you will be able to see a list of matching companies or users. You can choose to match these to
  15. Existing Passportal accounts or create new records for these clients, or you can exclude these from being synced.
  16. Once you have selected all the records your last step is to see the number and types of records that are about to be created.
  17. Click on Finish to complete the ConnectWise Manage Sync.