Disable User

When disabling a user in Passportal, you will also want to address any passwords that may be known to the former user. When you do disable a user, you will be presented with a list of all passwords viewed by that user, so that you may address these as required.

Once a user has been disabled, they will be unable to login into Passportal with their credentials. Only the Organization Admin or a user with sufficient permissions can re-enable the user.

To disable a user in Passportal:

  1. Navigate to the Users screen.
  2. Click the 3 dots menu in the Actions column of the user.
  3. Click Disable User.
  4. Click Confirm on the warning pop-up to continue, or Cancel to exit without disabling.
  5. The Disabled User Workflow screen opens. From here you can set the required actions for AD Enabled Passwords, Non-AD Passwords or all passwords under Total Passwords.
  6. If you have end-user AD passwords stored and they have been viewed by the user being disabled, bulk actioning a reset will cause the end-user to not be able to login as their password will have been reset without them being advised. Please exercise caution when actioning in bulk.

    Available options are:

    • No Action Required: No actions taken.
    • Flag All: Flags all passwords as requiring a reset
    • Change All: Resets the passwords where sync'd with AD, and flags all remaining for to be reset.
    • Auto Complete: Resets all password where sync'd, flags all others for reset.

    Or, Use the dropdown menu in the Actions column for each password individually. The dropdown menu will only offer actions appropriate to the password.


Re-enable a Disabled User

  1. To re-enable a user click on the Show Disabled toggle switch on the user screen, to view the disabled users.
  2. Click the 3 dots menu in the Actions column for the disabled user.
  3. Click Enable User.