Passportal Help

Managing Users

To see your current Active Users in your organization:

  1. Click Users Management on the sidebar and then select Pro users.
  2. Some of these features may not be available to you depending on your permissions granted by the Organization Admin.

  3. A list of all your Active Users is displayed.
  4. Click on the following to learn more about Actions

User Perspective

To see what another user would see when they login, click on the User Perspective button under the Actions column.

User Perspective mode also grants you the ability to test out any custom permissions you have created or security groups that you have added the selected user into to make sure they are setup correctly.

This will reload the dashboard of the selected user with a banner in the middle to notify that you are in User Perspective mode and what options the user has available to use on the sidebar.

You will also be unable to view the users "My Passwords" vault because this is their own personal vault and only the user can access it via logging in.

To exit User Perspective mode, click on the Exit in the top left corner of the yellow banner or logout under the username to return to the original session.

Edit User

  1. To edit a user, click on the Edit User button under the actions column
  2. Here you can edit their information including email. phone number, and other options.
    • Permission Level - you can set their permission level to one of the defaults or custom permission levels you have created (To learn more about permissions, check out our Permissions Guide).
    • Reset User - In the event the user has forgotten their password, you can reset their account and they will be emailed to create a new password for login.
    • Send Organization Key - This will email the user a URL that contains the Organization Key in it. This will allow them to get into the system, but will not actually let them know what the Organization Key is.
    • Assign Clients - You can assign the user to specific clients.
    • Assign Security Groups - You can add the user to a security group.

    Email Whitelisting - When you click Send Organization Key, this will appear to be sent from your Support email address. Sometimes this causes these emails to not send. Please whitelist the IP Address to ensure that you are able to receive all emails from us.

  3. Click on Save when complete.

Deactivate User

  1. To disable a user from Passportal, click on the Deactivate User button under the Actions column.
  2. When disabling a user, they will be unable to login into Passportal with their credentials and only the Organization Admin or a correct permission leveled user can re-enable the user.

  3. You will be prompted with a window asking are you to confirm the deactivation of the selected user.
  4. To re-enable a user click on the "Show Disabled" next to the Filter search bar.
  5. A list of Disabled Users is displayed. To re-enable the user, click on the Activate User button under the Actions column.
  6. To switch back to your Active Users list, click on "Show Enabled" next to the Filter search bar.