Passportal Help

Managing Passwords

Given the appropriate permissions on your account, in order to see client passwords, edit them, or add a new one, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate client from the client vault section found on the sidebar, followed by clicking on the name of the client in the list.
  2. You are then able to view a list of passwords, or folders containing passwords, relevant to that client.
  3. To perform bulk actions from this view, select multiple passwords using the check-boxes to the far left and then open the "With Selected" menu at the top. The action selected from this menu will be applied to all selected passwords.

View password

  1. Click the link under the Password Credential Type column.
  2. To copy the Username or Password to your clipboard, click on Actions beside the entry.

If the credentials are web-based, the URL can be launched under additional information by selecting the Launch URL button beside the URL field

Password Change History is at the bottom of the window, indicating changes made, by whom, and the date the password was changed.

Add password

  1. To create a new password, select the "New" drop-down at the top of the screen and choose "Password".
  2. You can select the client and folder the password will reside under. If the desired folder doesn't already exist, create the folder using the "+" icon next to Folders.
  3. Credential Type designates the broad classification of the kind of credentials, for example, Router, Domain Administrator, SQL Server, Website, Etc.
  4. Notes are used to store additional information associated with the credentials such as login instructions, serial numbers, alternate URLs and user notes.
  5. If you want to add multiple passwords at once, please refer to our CSV Import feature.

Edit Password

  1. Select the Edit options in the Actions section of the passwords list.
  2. Edit the fields as indicated above in the steps to add a password.