Passportal Help

Importing from IT Glue

Passportal users are now able to import their IT Glue data directly into Documentation Manager by using our IT Glue Document Uploader tool.

The IT Glue Document Uploader can be used to easily and quickly import all of your IT Glue records including:

  • Passwords
  • Files
  • Documents
  • Assets
  • Articles
  • Contacts
  • Locations

The IT Glue Migrator tool is also designed to auto-detect and re-create custom templates so as to ensure all data can be brought into Documentation Manager is in the same style as your IT Glue configuration.

Excluded From Import

IT Glue user audit history and permissions are not imported but will be audited through Documentation Manager going forward, as with all other data.

Because permissions are not carried over, it is highly recommended that you create security and permission groups prior to creating users to help accommodate your current access rights and structure.

Information on creating Security Groups can be found here, while information on creating Permission Levels can be found here.

Uploading IT Glue Import file

In order to upload the IT Glue Import file, you will need to be at the default URL For Passportal. For instance, If you are signed into a Custom Subdomain, the import will fail to upload.

  1. Access the tool by navigating to the Import / Export link under the settings section with Passportal.

  1. From the Import/Export screen, select Import From IT Glue.
  2. Next, drag-and-drop the file into the import window pane or click the Select Files button and choose the file to be imported.

The Import File must be in a .ZIP format. However, you will not need to edit or change any file names or extensions inside the .ZIP file Maximum file size is 1GB.

If your IT Glue ZIP file is larger than 1GB, please contact Passportal Support for further assistance.

  1. Once uploaded, click the Start Import button.

The data will now begin uploading to the Passportal servers.

  1. Please stay on the page, until it the upload has completed.
  2. Once the upload is completed you will see an import in progress page, you can now navigate away if you wish to.

    Any errors or failures will display in the document import overview section.

    The import process can take several minutes to hours depending on the size of the upload.

    Once the import has completed, you will receive an email notification. Upon review, your IT Glue data will be created within Documentation Manager.

    You will also notice that any and all linked items from will be recreated.