IT Glue Import - CSV Files and Related Fields

IT Glue import fields are designed to be created directly from the .ZIP export created by the IT Glue export.

The export contains a number of CSV files, with specific column headings used to map the data over to Passportal. The IT Glue Import uses a number if you happen to use custom named fields or renamed fields for the default templates, those data fields may not import properly.

Table of .CSV files that can import using the IT Glue Import Tool

active-directory applications backup configurations contacts documents domains email file-sharing internet-wan lan licensing locations
id id id id id id id id id id id id id
organization organization organization organization organization organization organization organization organization organization organization organization organization
AD Full Name Name Backup Type name important name name Type Share Name Provider Name Product & Version name
AD Short Name Category Backup Description configuration_type first_name owner notes Domains(s) Share Description Link Type Subnet User primary
AD Servers Version Backup Technology configuration_status last_name publisher expires_on Email Servers Servers Location(s) Location License Credentials address_1
DNS Servers Importance Next Verification hostname contact_type locator
Location Mapped Drive SLA Firewall License address_2
DHCP Servers Business Impact Backup Window primary_ip title public
Inbound Delivery Share Path Account Number Switch(es) QTY city
AD Level Application Champion Backup Frequency default_gateway location

Webmail URL Disk Path Login Servers License Type region

Application Server(s) Protected Servers mac_address primary_email

Mapped by Group Policy? Monthly Fee Network Diagram Installer Location country

Vendor Local Backup Servers(s) serial_number primary_phone

Upload Speed (Mbps) Floor Plans/Photos Location(s) using licenses postal_code

Licensing Information Local Backup Software asset_tag notes

Download Speed (Mbps) DHCP Scope Configuration Items(s) using License phone

Local Location manufacturer additional_contact_items

Router/Firewall DHCP Server Notes fax

Local Retention model

IP Address(es) VLAN(s)

Offsite Provider operating_system

Offsite Replication operating_system_notes

Local Speedvault Location position

Offsite Retention notes

Who approves restore requests? installed_at








passwords organization printing remote-access ssl-certificates vendors virtualization voice-pbx wireless
id id id id id id id id id
organization name organization organization organization organization organization organization organization
name organization_type Site Site Name name Vendor Name Virtualization Friendly Name Type Network Name
password_category organization_status Print Server(s) Remote Desktop host Vendor Organization Office Location Manufacturer Physical Location
resource_type short_name Printer(s) Client VPN certificate Account Number Virtualization Technology Software Version SSID
resource_id description Deployment Webmail intermediate_chain Support Phone Line Virtualization Hosts Devices Encryption Type
username quick_notes Published to aD Notes issued_by Support Website URL Virtual Machines Web Interface URL Pre-Shared Key
password alert Drivers Path
issuer_organization Account Manager Management Login Configuration Notes Access Point(s)
Support Information
issuer_country SLA
User Manual Wireless Controller(s)
issuer_state_province Notes
Line Type Management IP Address


Line / Billing Provider Management Username


Management Password


Guest Network