Passportal Help

Using and Managing Articles in Documentation Manager

Articles is a great place to store all the documentation for each of your client sides in a easy to use and secure way.

To create a new Article simply select new article.

Once an Article has been created under actions you have the following options:

  • Edit
  • User Access
  • View Logs
  • Delete


From the Edit screen you can also link to passwords or files and even additional articles that are stored inside Passportal.

Inside the document you can use web hyper links and anchors inside of the document by selecting these option and clicking link.

User Access

Can be granted with security groups by simply moving over the security group you want to have access to this document.

View Logs

Will display the actions taken by users and the date that they where changed for this document.


once a Articles has been deleted it can still be recovered by toggling to Show Disabled and then selecting under actions Restore.