Passportal Help

Uploading and Managing Files in Documentation Manager

Each client can have its own section for uploading and storing Files in a secure location that is easy to find and use.

Files can be accessed under any client by selecting the Files section from here you can upload access and view all your files.

You can drag and drop a file to be uploaded and stored. Once done, the following options are available:

  • View Details
  • Edit File
  • Update File
  • Move File

View Details

From the Details screen you can see the current version and comments, who has accessed this file and when as well as download the file yourself.

Edit File

From the Edit File screen you can also Link this files to Passwords, Articles and other files.

To link an item to the file select the + icon next to the related field.

Once selected you will see a drop down menu to select the credential you wish to Link to then select "Add" this will create a link between this File and the selected Password.

Update File

Update file will allow you to upload a new File Version for this File it will maintain the current links and notes associated with the file being updated.

Move File

You can move files from this screen to any folder.