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Updating Existing Documents with New Template

Retroactive Templates

What are Retroactive Templates?

When you have an existing template, or a custom template, and you decide that you want to change the template you can do this and apply the updates to existing documents. This ensures your template versions are the same across all clients.

With Retroactive Templates there is one main thing to keep in mind before saving any work. When you edit a template, if you delete an element to either get rid of it, or change it to something else, the information stored in this element will be lost if you update the template across your documents. Also, if you accidentally delete an element, if you set it to the same element type, the information will be lost, so please close the template without saving, and start editing the template from the beginning.

Active Directory from the Active Directory Template.

This is the standard default template being used. Next you need to edit the template and make some adjustments to see how the template and existing data is manipulated.

The following shows a copy of the template before making any adjustments.

Next, you need to change this to be Active Directory Level.

Changing this will not cause any unexpected data loss because the element type itself was not changed just the element settings.

Next, scroll down in the template, to see the AD Role Servers section and, assuming you do not need DNS Servers any more, delete the element and change it to a Text Field Element.

Save and choose to update all existing Documentation Manager to the latest version, any Active Directory document that had information in “DNS Servers” will have the data that was stored in that element lost because of the change in element type.

If you Accidentally delete an element, simply adding the same element type will cause the information in that element to disappear if you update the template. Please cancel the changes, and start editing the template over.

You can add additional fields to the bottom:

Save the template, and update all documents to this version.

In the image below, AD Level has been changed to Active Directory Level while keeping the level at 2016.

The DNS Server information has been removed since you deleted and changed that element type to something else.

You now have the option to link a Domain Administrator Password.

If you have updated a template and deleted Elements from the template, and you do not want to lose the existing data when you save the template, you can choose “No, Don’t update existing documents”.

When you choose No, you can then go into your existing documents, and manually update them one at a time. In this example, the AD Short Name element is changed to a File Upload Element.To avoid losing the information in this template, choose "No, Don’t update existing documents". The information for the element is still there however we now have the option to Update the Template.

Click on "Updated Template is Available". You will be asked for verification before it will update the this document to the latest template.

Click Yes, update!.

The document has been updated to include the new File Upload element.