Passportal Help

Public Document Publishing

Publishing Documents gives you the ability to share documents with external users. If you need to allow your clients to access an article, or provide specific documents or instructions to a vendor, you are able to do this with the Publish Document feature.

To publish a document, follow the steps below.

In order to publish documents you need to be an Organization Admin, or have the permission called Publish Item associated with your account.

Within a Document, enable the Published toggle in the right information pane, alternatively you can use the Actions context menu to publish a document without viewing it first.

A window is displayed with the following options:

  • Within the Publish Document window, you can select who has the ability to view the document
  • By default it is accessible by anyone, however, you can limit this to people who have a specified password
  • You can make this link expire, providing access for a specific amount of time
  • You can make this link expire after a certain number of views
  • Lastly, you can invite users to receive an access URL via email

After the document has been published, you have three options:

  • You can Disable the link which will no longer have the item published
  • You can Copy the URL to provide this to users
  • You can also launch the published item in a new tab

Identifying Published Documents

Published Documents are denoted with an icon to quickly identify which documents are currently configured for publishing.

Viewing Logs

When a document has been published, you are able to view the logs associated with the document by using the Action context menu, and selecting View Logs.