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Documentation Manager provides easy-to-access documentation that contains all the information you need to support your clients quickly and effectively in a standardized format. With the ability to relate Assets, Passwords, SSL Certificates, Domains, Vendors, and Licensing to any article or document in an auto-reversed linking framework, any piece of client knowledge is just one click away. This framework brings every related piece of your clients' IT systems together in an easily consumed manner, and all of your client information can now be stored in one easy to access place while maintaining full permission, access, and audit control.

Logging in to Passportal
Recover Forgotten Login Password
Navigating the Interface
Navigating the Dashboard
Bookmarking a Client or Password
Items Requiring Your Attention
Using Favorites
Using Quick Add
Viewing Invoices
Viewing Recent Items
Managing Passwords
Managing Credential Types
Password Sharing
Using the Copy-to-Clipboard Shortcut
Managing Users
Creating a New User
Managing User Access
Managing Permissions Levels
Managing Security Groups
Security Groups and Folder Structure
Permission Level Guide
Managing Clients
Client Passwords Report
Understanding Client Flags
Managing your Profile
Accessing your Account Info
Changing Login Password and Security Questions
Changing Payment Method
Editing your Profile
Blink - Getting Started
Blink User Setup
Blink Email Customization
Configuring Azure AD and Office 365 Sync
End User Materials and Instructions for Blink
Troubleshooting Blink Users and the Blink App
Video - Blink Setup and Configuration
Video - Blink End User Verification and Mobile Device Enrollment
Video - Technician On-Demand Blink Password Resets
Documentation Manager - Getting Started
Documentation Manager - Basic Actions
Documentation Manager - Prerequisites
Documentation Manager - Apps and Services
Active Directory
File Sharing
Remote Access
Uploading and Managing Files in Documentation Manager
Using and Managing Articles in Documentation Manager
Using and Managing Document Templates in Documentation Manager
Video - Docs Overview and Walk-Through
Using Runbooks
Public Document Publishing
Updating Existing Documents with New Template
Site - Getting Started
Site - Prerequisites
Site - User Management
Using Site
Enabling a Client for Site
Site Administrator Guide
Site User Guide
Videos - Getting Started with Site
RMM Integrations
Auvik Integration Configuration
ConnectWise® Automate™ Integration Configuration
ConnectWise® Automate™ Integration Features
ConnectWise® Automate™ Control Center Plugin Configuration
ConnectWise® Automate™ Control Center Plugin - Installing and Updating
ConnectWise® Automate™ Control Center Plugin How-To
ConnectWise® Control™ Integration Configuration
ConnectWise® Control™ - Enabling Clipboard Functionality (Cloud Version)
ConnectWise® Control™ - Using Passportal Credentials
Continuum RMM Integration Configuration
Continuum RMM Integration Features
NinjaRMM Integration Configuration
NinjaRMM Integration Features
Datto RMM Integration Configuration
Datto RMM Integration Features
SolarWinds N-central Integration Configuration
SolarWinds N-central Integration Features
SolarWinds RMM Integration Configuration
SolarWinds RMM Integration Features
PSA Integrations
ConnectWise® Manage™ Integration Configuration
Video - ConnectWise® Manage™ Integration
Datto Autotask PSA Integration Configuration
Datto Autotask PSA LiveLinks Integration
Datto Autotask PSA Livelinks Reset Process
Video - Datto Autotask PSA Integration
Video - Configuring PSA Integrations
Active Directory Integration
Configuring AD Sync in a Workgroup Environment (Unsupported)
Configuring AD Sync in a Multi-Domain Controller Environment
Configuring AD Sync in a Single Domain Controller Environment
Manually Uninstalling the AD Agent
AD Agent Mass Deployment Install Instructions
Troubleshooting the AD Agent
Video - Configure Active Directory Integration
Importing and Exporting Data
Exporting Passportal Data to CSV
Importing from IT Glue
IT Glue Import - CSV Files and Related Fields
Importing Passwords by CSV
Reports and Audits
Changed Passwords Report
Client Audit Log
Passportal Logins Report
Password Audit by User Report
Password Complexity Report
Passwords Input by User Report
Passwords Known by User Report
Unchanged Passwords Report
Browser Extensions
Known Incompatible Browser Extensions
Using the Chrome Browser Extension
Using the Cross-Browser Extension
Additional Documents
Do we need to sign a BAA for your HIPAA compliant MSP?
Feature Request and Feedback Policy
How to submit Feature Requests or Product Feedback
Passportal Security Standards
Passportal Backup Utility
Using the Passportal Mobile App for iOS and Android
Changing User Preferences
Settings - Advanced Options
Settings - Branding
Settings - Company Setup
Settings - Downloads
Settings - Subdomain Settings
Settings - Trusted Locations
Settings - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)