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Documentation Manager - Basic Actions

Basic Actions

Assigning User Access

As a default, all users with root level access to a client will see all areas of Documentation Manager. If you prefer to limit access to documents, follow these instructions:

  1. Under the actions menu, you can control who has access with security groups, view previous versions, see who has made changes or edit the document.
  2. You can control who has access to individual documents by applying security groups to a document.

Version Control

To revert to a previous version of a document.

  1. Under each action menu for the document, you can select "Version Control".
  2. You will then be able to view or restore any previous versions of the document.

View Logs

  1. To see any adjustments and alterations to all documents, select "View Logs":

  2. This shows a record of all user interactions with the document.

Edit Document

To edit any document, provided that you have access to do so, you can select the elipses,  select "Edit Document", to open the editor:

Documentation Manager Mobile

  1. To access any document on Mobile, select a client and the document menu will appear simply select the type of document you wish to view.
  2. You can also edit any document from a mobile device just select the edit option and the editor template will open up.