Passportal Help

Documentation Manager - Apps and Services

Record and access documentation for the various services and apps in use by your client, such as Active Directory details, or Backup processes for example. To access these sections once logged in:

  1. On the main menu, click Company Vault.
  2. Click the required section.
  3. Dependent on the intended actions, select the required Client from the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard.
  4. Alternatively, click Clients.
  5. Select the required client from the displayed list.

Common Functionality

Each of the section documents have the following common functionality located to the right side of the template.

  • Link Items:
  • In addition to the items that will be linked as a default based on the assets you selected within the template, you can link to other items in Passportal. Edit or create a new document and select the Link Itemdropdown menu to select the items to link them.

  • Tags:
  • Adding tags makes searching easier. Edit or create a new document and enter appropriate tags in the Tags section.

  • Document Details:
  • Document details are auto-populated with the last update date and user that made the update. You can enter a Description here to allow for better differentiation between documents when editing or creating a new document.

  • Revisions Information:
  • Version information is displayed when viewing or editing an existing document:

What's Inside