Passportal Help

Blink User Setup

Blink is a new feature that allows users to request a new password for their Windows account via SMS or through a mobile App.

It is fast and secure and involves no technician during the reset process.

The user will be prompted to create a new password once logged into Windows.

  1. To start setting up Blink users navigate to the Blink User Setup.
  2. This requires the Remote Monitor Agent to be on version v3.1.0.0 or higher, downloaded the latest version from the downloads section in Passportal.

    If you enabled Windows Sync on your clients you can see a populated list.

    • You are able to select which client via the Select Client: drop-down menu
    • You can also select which groups you want to see (Domain Groups or Organizational Unit)
    • List Actions: has 4 filter buttons: Expand All, Collapse All, Check All, and Un-check All
  3. You can now select which users to become Blink Users and also be able to see which user is already a Blink User. When you are done selecting users, select the Blink Users button on the right.

To continue with setting up Blink Users, see Blink - Getting Started.