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Blink - Getting Started

Using Blink, you can provide your clients on Windows, Active Directory, Azure AD, and Office 365 the ability to reset their own passwords from a mobile phone. This eliminates the need for clients to create service tickets which lowers your costs and improves their operational efficiency.

Whether users prompt their own password reset or still call your team to handle the issue with a single click within the console, you will save time, effort, and frustration!


Blink is a product offering that works within Active Directory and/or Azure and therefore one or both products are required.

Blink Setup

Branding and Emails

You can customize the Logo, Colors and Blink Email that all your users will receive.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Branding
  2. Ensure you Scroll down to the Blink Custom Email
  3. Update the message as desired
  4. The Email will display your support email as entered on the General Company Settings page.


Create Blink User

To start setting up Blink users:

Navigate to the Blink User Setup.

You can give specific users access to Blink and view existing Blink Users. When you are finished selecting users, select the Blink Users button on the right.

  • You are able to select which client via the Select Client: drop-down menu
  • You can also select which groups you want to see (Domain Groups or Organizational Unit)
  • List Actions: has 4 filter buttons: Expand All, Collapse All, Check All, and Un-check All

Resend Activation Emails / Reset User

If you need to resend an activation email or reset a user this can be done under the Blink Users page.

You will need to enter correct email information for each user if was not available when using the user creation wizard. This can be done by editing the user using the ellipsis menu located in the actions column.

  • You do not have to enter a phone number, as the selected Blink™ User will get to input their phone number after going through the activation process from the email.
  • A phone number can only be used once in the system.
  • Make sure that the email is correct, as the next step will send an activation link to that email address.

Reset User

After entering a valid email address, select the Reset User button under the actions column. This will send out an email where the user can select and verify the phone number of their choice.

Activate Account

When the User receives the email they can follow an activation link where they will be prompted to enter a unique phone number to be used by the reset system. They will then receive a verification code via SMS that they will need to enter.

The phone number that sends the SMS Text is important, so it is advised to save it to the phones contacts list.

Blink User Management

Reset a Users Password

Once fully activated, admins will get the ability to push a password reset to that user via the Reset Password option under the Actions column.

This will send an SMS Text with a temporary password that the user will use to login into Windows and they will be able to create a new password from there.

Reset a Users Blink Account

Select the Reset User button under the actions column. This will send out an email where the user can select and verify the phone number of their choice.

Blink User Actions


Users will receive an email inviting them to Activate a Self-Reset service account.

Users should click on the link and are taken to a screen where they enter their mobile phone number for use with the reset system.

A verification code is then sent to the user’s cell phone that they enter into the next browser screen

SMS Setup

If the user plans on using SMS for requesting password resets then the phone number that sends the verification code must be saved.

When a reset is needed the user can simply reply “Reset” to have a new password text back to them.

If they have lost the number, they can text `+1 855-391-7277 ` or `+1 443-747-7277 `.

APP Setup

If using Blink with the dedicated app, the user will receive a text with a link that will take them directly to their operating systems app store for the app download.

Upon first launching of the app the user will be prompted turn on notifications which is required for app enrollment and functionality, and to select their Authentication Method – TouchID or Pin.

If the user chooses the pin option as their form of authentication they will be taken to a screen for entry

After the authentication method is set up the user will then be taken to the main screen where they press “Reset Password” to have a verification code text to their phone for further verification.

Enter the verification code received through SMS into the Blink app.

The user is created and can now prompt self-service password resets by pressing “Reset Password”. The app will then present a countdown timer while it is resetting the password.

Once the password has been reset the app will communicate back to the user what their new one-time use password is. This password will now be used to get back into the computer.

Account Monitoring and Reset

Blink will proactively monitor the user's account and notify them when a lockout has occurred. When a lockout has occurred the user will receive a notification on their lock screen (notifications for the app must be turned on) telling them their account has been locked out. The user can then request a new password or unlock their account within the app.

Users account is locked and a notification is received on the lock screen.

The user can jump immediately into the Blink app by going through the notification and will be brought directly to their authentication screen.

The user is notified that their account has been locked out and is presented with the options of unlocking the account or resetting the password.

By pressing “Unlock Account” Blink will unlock the account and allow for additional login attempts. Pressing “Reset Password” will take the user through the reset process and provide them with a new password.