Passportal Help

How to submit Feature Requests or Product Feedback

We use a service called Receptive to help us engage with our partners on partner feature requests and our current development roadmap in an easy and effective manner.

Feedback and requests can be anything including:

  • Formatting tweaks
  • Existing function enhancements
  • New product integrations
  • Ideas for brand new features you think would compliment our existing services
  • Anything you can think of that would make Passportal work better for you and your company

So how do I get started making my first feature request?

When logged into Passportal, click theicon to access our Feedback and Feature Request area.

Currently only users that are a member of the Organization Admin group will have access to this feature by default. Organization Adminis, however, can provide access to this to their team by assigning the "Admin:Feature Request Access" permission level to your team's access. Learn about customizing permission levels here.

Submitting feedback

Once you’ve reached the dashboard, click “Make A Suggestion”:

To submit a new request, you need a title:

The more information you can provide the better.

If required, you can upload files to help make your suggestion clearer.

There is a size limit of 1GB for any files uploaded.

Explain why your request would be helpful. This helps the team reviewing your request.

Viewing and prioritizing your requests

If you’ve voted for more than one request, you’ll see your requests at the top of your Receptive dashboard.

You can adjust the sliding bars to reflect your priorities. The more weight you give to your most urgent or important requests, the higher it will show up in your software supplier’s reports.

Voting on other requests

If you see a request you’d like updates on, just click the box next to it, “I want this”, and you’ll be emailed whenever a new comment is added or the status is changed.

See the status of any request

Use the search box in the upper right hand corner of your Receptive dashboard to find requests by keyword:

At a glance you can see the status of each request.

Or click on the title to see more details regarding that request.

View upcoming releases - Feature Roadmap

Click the roadmap link on the left-hand navigation menu to see a graphical representation of what we have planned for the future.

Alternatively, you can view a list of requests that are planned or currently in the process of being built. That can be found in the "Releases" section, also accessible on the left-hand navigation.

Email Notifications

By default, you'll receive email notifications when:

  • A request you've submitted is updated or commented on.
  • A request you've voted on is updated or commented on.
  • An engagement email is sent to you, asking for your feedback.

You can manage your email preferences by clicking the links in the footer of any email you receive from Receptive.

Clicking "Unsubscribe From This List" will remove your email address completely and you will no longer receive any emails from Receptive.

Clicking "Manage Email Preferences" will send you to the preferences page where you can select which emails you wish to receive and which you don't.