Passportal Help

Using the Passportal Mobile App for iOS and Android

Passportal has a fully native app for both iOS and Android platforms that enable users to easily access their My Vault, Company Vault, and Client credentials.

The current version of the Passportal Mobile App (1.X) is not brandable with your company logo or colors. This will be a feature in an upcoming release.

Getting Started

Authenticating to your Account

When starting the app for the first time, you will need to enter your Username, Password, Organization Key, and Country (Data location).

You can then chose to remember these settings with the Remember Me toggle option.

Choosing your Unlock Method

Once logged in, you can then choose your Unlock Method from Pin, TouchID/FaceID, or None. This setting can later be changed via Settings should you choose to.

Navigating Around

The app enables you to navigate to three different Vaults of your Passportal account. These areas can be accessed through the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen.

  • My Vault
  • Company Vault
  • Clients

Each Vault will enable you to navigate folders and credentials that user has access to.

Settings can be accessed through the last icon in the navigation bar and is described below in this document.

Adding a Folder or Credential

The app allows you to add new Folders or add/edit Credentials.

Selecting the + icon from the upper right will enable you to add a new Folder or Credential if selected from My Vault, Company Vault, or from within a specific Client. Selecting the icon from the Clients' screen will only provide the option to add a new Credential.

Viewing and Editing Credentials

Passwords can be accessed by selecting it from the list and viewing the information.

Copying Information

Both the Username and Password field can be copied to the clipboard using the Clipboard icon.

Editing a Password

You can edit a password by selecting the Pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Launching from the Context Menu

You can Launch URL, View, Edit, Show, Copy and Disable directly from the context menu located next to each credential. When launching the URL, if the Launch URL Always Copy Password option is not enabled, it will ask if you want to copy the password this time or every time going forward.

Changing Your Settings

Settings can be changed by visiting the Settings logo located in the bottom right of the screen.

Unlock Method

Select this to change the default unlock method when accessing the app. Options include Pin, TouchID/FaceID, or None

Launch URL Always Copy Password

Toggling this option will automatically copy the password associated with the launched URL to the clipboard. This helps eliminate an additional step when launching sites within the app.

Reset App Settings

This will reset all settings to default, removing saved login information (username, password, Organizational Key) as well as the Unlock Method.

Log Out

Simply logs you out of the app, requiring a reentering of the password, but leaving your username and Organizational Key intact if the Remember Me option is set on the login screen.