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Feature Request and Feedback Policy

How to give us your product feedback

See How to submit Feature Requests or Product Feedback.

What happens to your product feedback

  • All new requests are set to the "Awaiting Feedback" status so that more people can vote, prioritize and give us information. This allows us to gauge demand, gather use cases and automatically establish impact and value.
  • Every month our Product Teams hold a Product Feedback Meeting. They discuss the highest priorities for our partners, team members and prospects and look at how the requests align with our own strategy. As the team goes through, they will update the status of each request is that you immediately know the outcome.
  • If we decide to build a feature or make an improvement, the status will change to "Planned" or "Building". It will be added to our product roadmap which you can view at any time. If you reach out directly to our Support or Partner Success teams, they'll be able to look up ideas for you, but they won't have any additional information or provide an estimate for when your request will be reviewed.
  • Anyone who has submitted or voted on a specific request will be notified when the status so the request if updated. We will always provide an explanation as to the nature of the status update.
  • Our product feedback portal always has the most up-to-date information about our products and what we are building next.


How long will it be before the product team reviews my idea?

Items will be reviewed by the Product Specialist on a monthly basis; we take the top requests and update the status where appropriate. Roadmapping meetings occur monthly. Make sure your ideas are clear and concise so others can vote on it & prioritize. Also be sure to prioritize your own requests too - that way, we will know if a particular request is important to you.

My request hasn't been reviewed yet and I submitted it 6+ months ago. What can I do?

If we haven't reviewed your item yet and it is a high priority for you:

Make sure it's at the top of your priority list

Make sure your request is clear. Why do you need this? What is it stopping you from doing? What is the impact of that? Please add these details in a comment on your idea.

How is my feedback information data kept secure?

You can review the Receptive Data Security and Privacy Policy for further information

How come only Organization Admins will have access? Will Non Admins have access to this at some point?

Initially, we will be enabling this feature for users belonging to the Organization Admin group, but will be looking to expand this to other partners users in the coming months.

What about my previous feature suggestions?

We have transferred all previously submitted suggestions to our new system, and now allowing our partners to highlight the ones that are most important to them as well as change the priority as they see fit.