Manually Uninstalling the AD Agent

If the Windows Agent will not uninstall using Add/Remove Programs, use the following steps to manually uninstall.

  1. Run the service uninstall command line against the Passportal and Passportal Updater services:
  2. sc delete Passportal

    sc delete PassportalUpdater

  3. Search for and delete all keys in the registry pertaining to the Passportal product code:
  4. {2B15E9E5-FB06-409F-B78D-F65C7F5B3850}

  5. Run the msi again. It will prompt to repair or remove.
  6. Select the remove option.
  7. Delete the directory C:\\Program Files\Passportal\Windows Agent
  8. Manually unload and remove c:\windows\system32\adpasswordchangenotifier.dll. The notification package needs to be removed from the Registry:
    1. Open regedit and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
    2. In the entry Notification Package Remove the entry: adpasswordchangenotifier
    3. Save changes and reboot the server. The dll will now be removable from: c:\windows\system32\