Mail Assure Help

What is my SMTP Hostname?

SMTP hostname: (port 587/465)

SPF record: v=spf1 -all


For redundancy reasons we recommend using our generic hostname. Our up-time and service level guarantees do not apply to the EU/US/UK/AU/CA-only records.

  • EU-only: (port 465/587)
  • US-only: (port 465/587)
  • UK-only: (port 465/587)
  • AU-only: (port 465/587)
  • CA-only: (port 465/587)

Using the above records forces usage of our EU/US/UK/AU/CA server infrastructure, however deliveries may still be routed via our international platform. Please contact Support to force-set your customer ID to EU/US/UK/AU/CA-only delivery servers to ensure messages are not re-routed internationally.

Branded SPF hostname

If you want to use your own domain in your clients' SPF records, use the "include" option:

  1. Create a subdomain for the domain you wish to add to your clients SPF (
  2. Create a TXT record for ( with the following details:
  3. v=spf1 -all

  4. Add the following TXT record to your clients' domain DNS:
  5. v=spf1 -all