Mail Assure Help

How do I Request an Export of my Domain?

Generally we do not perform mailbox exports but we can provide a manual archive export.

For us to do this for you, you need to raise a Support case.

Common questions

Is there a limit on the amount (storage) of data that can be exported?

We currently recommend that accounts with less than 3TB of data use this feature.

What is the format of the export?

The export will consist of a single .ZIP file containing one RFC 5322 compliant .EML file per message.

How long will it take for the export to complete?

Depending on the number of messages, the export may take a few hours to several days to complete. If you have not received an update on your case after three days, please contact support.

Can I request for all subdomains or specify a particular subdomain?

You can request an export for all of your domains or a single subdomain

Can I request just for particular users or services? Can I request an export from a certain point in time or only the changes from a particular time period?

No. You can only export the entire content for a domain.