Mail Assure Help

View/Edit Email Scout Reports

The Email Scout Reports (ESR) page lists all Email Scout Reports existing in the system and all those that have been set up automatically. ESRs are created from the Log search page, see Create Email Scout Report.

  1. In the Admin or Domain Level Control Panel, click on Reporting > Email Scout Reports - Incoming.
  2. The reports are split over the following two tabs:

    • Email Scout Reports tab - This tab lists all ESRs created in the Incoming > Logs.
    • Automatic Email Scout Reports tab - Lists all automatic ESRs that have been configured in the Incoming > Domain Settings page (see Automatically Enable Daily Email Scout Reports).
  3. To search for a particular report. select your filters from the Query Rules panel e.g. you can specify a particular domain when accessing this page at the Admin Level.
  4. Click on Show Results to display all matching Email Scout Reports in the table at the bottom of the page.

In this page you can perform various actions on the listed reports, using the dropdown to the left of each report:

  • Remove - Removes the report.
  • Edit - Allows you to edit the report details including:
    • Name and subject of the report
    • Sender and recipient
    • Schedule and delivery details
    • Template used
  • Execute search - Run the log search based on the original search filters when creating the report.
  • Send now - Send the ESR straight away to the recipient specified in the report.
  • Export as .CSV - Export report configuration as CSV file.

You can automatically enable Email Scout Reports so that they will be sent to each recipient in your domain, up to three times a day. Do this in Incoming - Domain Settings.

You can add and edit your own custom ESR templates. See Email Scout Report Templates (Preview). This feature is only available when you have Features Preview enabled.