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Remote Syslog Feed (Preview)

The Remote Syslog Feed page is available for users with 'Features Preview' enabled.

A syslog service is a standard service used to store and access logging data; many integrated logging solutions, such as Solarwinds Papertrail, provide the ability to receive data via a syslog feed.

When this functionality is enabled for a user, a log entry will be sent to the configured remote syslog server when a message is received, when a message delivery is attempted, and when a user marks a message as requiring training. You can configure the format of the log entry that is sent (both what data is included, and the layout) so that it meets the needs of your system.

Each user (at domain or admin level) may configure a single remote syslog feed, which will be appropriately restricted to events for that user. A single feed may also be configured at super-admin level, which will receive all events for the cluster.

You can find this page under Reporting > Remote Syslog (preview) when logged in at all admin levels.