Mail Assure Help

Release and Train Quarantined Messages

Allow messages to be delivered and train the system to recognize future messages from this sender as not spam (report the message as a false positive). You can do this from the Domain and Email Level Control Panels.

You can Release and Train a single message by using the dropdown to the left of the message and selecting Release and train from quarantine.

To Release and Train multiple messages, place a tick in the box to the left of all messages that apply, and from the dropdown at the bottom of the page select Release and train from quarantine - then click Apply.

Important - Releasing a message from quarantine may also result in it being reported as a classification mistake to correct our systems - this is dependent on the classification type. For example, a rejected phishing attempt, when released will report a classification mistake and correct the system. Conversely, releasing a message that has been quarantined because the date header is more than 7 days in the past or in the future will only deliver the message to the recipient. For more information on the classifications used to describe why a message was rejected or temporarily rejected, see Incoming Rejection Classifications.
Tip - You can also release or release and train messages from the Mail preview page. See View Quarantined Message Content.