Configuration Tab

In the Configuration tab at Admin and Domain level you can configure settings for mailboxes.

Admin Level

At the Admin Level, the following options can be enabled/disabled for outgoing mail from your domain(s):


  • Rewrite Sender Addresses - If enabled, mailbox aliasing is applied to the envelope sender address of outgoing messages
  • Enforce Sender Domain - If enabled, outgoing messages where the envelope sender address is not in any of the domain(s) or any of the alias domains will not be sent.
  • Enforce Sender Mailbox - If enabled, outgoing messages, where the envelope sender local-part address is not in the list of mailboxes or mailbox aliases, in the Mailboxes tab, will not be sent.
  • Automatically discover senders - If enabled, envelope sender addresses are added to those listed in the Mailbox tab.
  • The settings configured in the Configuration tab are the recommended settings for mailboxes. Where you see Use recommended alongside a setting in the Mailboxes tab, these are the recommended settings that are referred to. To apply all recommended settings to all mailboxes, click on the Use recommended for all button at the bottom of the Configuration tab.

    Outgoing messages sent through the Outgoing filter will count towards the filtered mailbox total for the domain. Incoming settings are distinct from outgoing settings. Incoming filtering can be used independently from outgoing filtering, per mailbox.

Domain Level

At the Domain Level, the following options can be enabled/disabled:


  • Control whether newly discovered mailboxes are filtered - Set this up at the Domain Level from General > Mailbox Configuration > Configuration and select either Protect all mailboxes by default or Protect specific mailboxes only under the Mailbox protection and processing mode dropdown
  • Reject email to mailboxes not listed in the "Mailboxes" tab - Control whether mail to mailboxes not listed in the Mailboxes tab is rejected or accepted.
  • Destination recipient verification - This server check will run to determine if your destination server correctly applies recipient verification. You may re-run the check if you feel this is incorrect or to enable protection to prevent issues using the service with automatic mailbox population and with Email Scout Reports.

Date/Time options

  • Select the Timezone, Date format and Time format.