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Configure Journaling in Mail Assure/Exim on Linux

This topic describes how to set up journaling using Mail Assure and the Exim MTA on Linux.

To set this up you need to:

Find the Mail Assure Global Journal Address

You can find the global journal address at the Domain Level, in the Archiving > Status page.

If the address ends with '@MX-record-hostname' please use

Configure Journaling in Exim on Linux

This can be achieved by editing the local user router to redirect mail to a modified smart host router:

The following configuration has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, other distributions may use different file locations.

  1. Edit the local recipient router: /etc/exim4/conf.d/router/900_exim4-config_local_user
  2. Add a new router at the top of the file:
  3. journal:

    debug_print = "R: journaling for $local_part@$domain"

    driver = redirect

    domains = +local_domains

    redirect_router = journal_send

    data =

  4. Add the following to the local_user router:
  5. local_user:

    debug_print = "R: local_user for $local_part@$domain"

    driver = accept

    domains = +local_domains


    local_parts = ! root

    transport = LOCAL_DELIVERY

    cannot_route_message = Unknown user

  6. Add a new router at the bottom of the file:
  7. journal_send:

    driver = manualroute

    domains = +local_domains

    transport = remote_smtp

    route_list = *