Mail Assure Help

Manage Permissions

The Manage Permissions page allows you to manage Mail Assure access permissions for Domain and Email Users. If you are accessing the page from the Admin Level Control Panel, you can manage permissions for both Domain and Email Users. Alternatively, if you are accessing the Manage Permissions page from the Domain Level Control Panel you can only manage permissions for Email users.

You can decide which features they can access from each of the panels in the Dashboard (e.g. Incoming, Outgoing, Archive, Server etc.) by enabling/disabling the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE actions alongside each feature as required, where:

  • GET - View data
  • POST - Create new entries
  • PUT - Edit existing entries
  • DELETE - Delete entries

To access the Manage permissions page: In the Admin Level or Domain Level Control Panel, select Users & Permissions > Manage permissions.